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Cruising Kitchens: The future of mobile vending

Started in a garage 5 years ago by the husband and wife team Cameron and Kaycee Davies in San Antonio, Texas, Cruising Kitchens has grown to be the world’s largest manufacturer of kitchen trucks, Airstream offices, tailgating vehicles, mobile tattoo parlors and mobile hair salons.

The shop has grown from a humble 8 employee crew with little-to-no tools, to a 26 employee manufacturing facility that can turn a 3 month build out in 3 weeks flat. With the entire tear down process, welding, fabrication and finishing done in house, Cameron’s crew needs the best equipment money can buy.

The concept for mobile vending has gone absolutely viral which has shined a worldwide spotlight on their business. In fact, they are in the process of signing a major network reality TV deal as we speak. Look for them and their new show next season as their business continues to build people’s dreams and making small business owners happy.

Cruising Kitchens has partnered with Baileigh Industrial for all of their fabrication equipment needs. They just took delivery of their new BB-12014 10’ x 14 gauge box and pan brake and SH-12003-HD 10’ x ¼” inch hydraulic shear with programmable back gauge via touch screen programmer.

If you would like to turn it up a notch in your fabrication or woodworking shop, call the experts at Baileigh or shoot us an email sales@baileighindustrial.co.uk

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