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+44 (0)24 7661 9267 | Contact Us

Cutting Edge Metal Working Machinery By Padilla Designs

Here’s some pictures I have of us using your Baileigh machines. You can see me bending a brass pool railing with your bender and then pictures of the finished pool railings. You can also see my brothers Ian and Paz Padilla forming a copper sheet mango tree stump on your power hammer. The picture after is of the finished mango tree gate after forming the copper and patina. The other picture on the power hammer is my brother Janus Padilla forming one of a series of copper banana leaves for another entrance gate. You can see the picture of the gate finished with the spread of large copper banana leaves along with the sculpted heliconia flowers. The other pictures are of some of our other work like gates, banisters, fire sculptures and water features.

Padilla Designs specializes in interior and exterior metal sculpture and offers a wide variety of custom functional and non-functional artwork to interior designers, architects, contractors and homeowners. Using copper, brass, bronze, stainless steel and numerous hardwoods Padilla designs creates pieces that are organic, timeless and inspiring.

From custom entrance ways, banisters, handrails, furniture and water features to our custom wall, water and fire sculptures our company offers the finest quality in professional design and craftsmanship.

Our team of engineers, artists and fabricators requires cutting edge metal working machinery in order to bring our unique drawings and concepts to creation. Baileigh Industrial creates machines that help us bring these innovative ideas to life. Thanks to their innovative machines like their Power Hammer we are able to push the envelope of design and creativity and bring our clients dreams to fruition.

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