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Drill Presses

Starting out my career at a fairly young age as a machinist in a local converting equipment manufacturer, I quickly learned to appreciate quality tools such as metal turning lathes, milling machines, band saws, press brakes, drill presses and much more.

One of the summer jobs I had was drilling and tapping holes using a fine drill press made in Northern Europe. It quickly earned my respect as being a well built piece of machinery and when it came time several decades later to put our name on a machine we wanted similar positive design qualities with many modern day improvements implemented into our Baileigh Industrial metal drill presses.

Drill PressWhat our line-up consists of are two different segments, gear driven and those employing variable speed drives. While most drill press machinery manufacturers offer belt driven machines as their standard, we would rather offer a heavier built drive system (considering the machine has our name on it), so our economical drill press line comes standard with an industrial grade motor coupled to a heavy duty gear box drive design. Each machine comes with a heavy cast iron base and machined table. The columns are of a heavy wall thickness so the operator can drill at maximum capacity with no flex keeping the hole truly perpendicular to the work table. Our gear system eliminates stalling and intermittent transfer of power to the drill like standard pulley systems produce, noting that this extends tooling life. Multiple speeds can be changed in seconds by a gear selector switch instead of the timely process involved with jumping pulleys on other economical machines. Rigidity is the key when looking for a quality economical metal drill press and Baileigh’s gear driven machines have been built to not only be economical, but built to stand up to years of grueling service.

Our variable speed line up consists of heavy duty cast iron bases that also act as the reservoir for our industrial grade coolant system that’s standard for this line. The column is manufactured from a heavy, non flexible grade of steel that virtually eliminates any flex while drilling at maximum capacity with a heavy down feed load being applied for maximum Drill Pressspeed. Each variable speed drill press has an inverter frequency drive that feeds power to the motor that drives a heavy duty cogged timing belt to feed the spindle. This power supply has a solid torque supply at all speeds for drilling and tapping. These smooth power transfers extend drill and tap life, and also increases production output per part. Each VS model comes standard with reverse for tapping and the DP-1500VS comes standard with power down feed and auto-tap features as standard.

Baileigh Industrial, Inc. has kept to our philosophy of providing drill presses with industrial grade components coupled to state of the art designs and manufactured to the highest quality at reasonable prices. Call your local representative for more information on Baileigh drill presses.

Edward Baileigh
CFO Baileigh Industrial

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