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Elegant Liquor Displays Made Easy

So….you are in line at the local liquor store picking up a bottle of wine to go with the steaks you are going to surprise your wife with this evening. Standing there, you notice a bottle of Gray Goose Vodka in an amazing brushed stainless steel back-lit display.

Have you ever wondered who makes those unique displays

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Richard Winberry and the team at California New Craft Products do, that’s who. They produce some of the most amazing alcoholic beverage displays on the market today. Located in La Habra, California, they pride themselves as one of the premier and innovative display suppliers in the industry. American made products made by hard working Americans. It is a successful recipe that has built their business from the ground up.

Looking to produce a new line of “artsy” sheet metal product displays, Richard contacted the Baileigh sheet metal team. After reviewing the application and production numbers, our team offered a complete and total solution. The BP-3142NC hydraulic press brake delivers 42 tons @ 31 inches wide and is made to run around the clock.

With the correct tooling included, production started immediately, with absolutely no set up time. Adjust the back gauge, set the tonnage, and simply step on the foot pedal to cycle the machine. It’s that simple! The press brake is now set to run literally thousands of parts that will be identical without any additional steps by the operator.

Richard’s team could not be happier. They were kind enough to share these photos along with this email:

“Thank you Baileigh!!

Upon receiving our new press brake we had it plugged in and running a production job in minutes. Smooth operation, quick set-ups and accurate bends. I highly recommend this machine. And the added fact that it is Made In USA just makes it an even better purchase.”


Thanks again,

Richard Winberry
California New Craft Products, Inc.
La Habra, CA




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