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Fantomworks; Hot Rod and Restoration Royalty

Being a test pilot in the Military was not enough to satisfy Dan Short’s appetite for speed and fancy rides. Dreaming of cars and motorcycles constantly, Dan headed down a different path. In fact, it would be a 67 Camaro that would define the rest of his life. His first project turned out to be a raging success. He was hooked. People liked his work and his customer service was phenomenal. It was a recipe for success.


Fast forward 30 Years and you have one the nation’s largest hot rod and restoration shops. Fantomworks specializes in everything from fender benders to full blown restoration projects and high end builds. Located in Norfolk, Virginia in a giant facility, they have 17 employees and 8 divisions; Bike, Body, Chassis, Motor, 4×4, Street works, and a female division. With over 90 project cars going at one time, the place is like a fabrication bee hive.

22 year old Kyle Yokum is the rock star metal shaper that works at Fantomworks. As you can see, he and has already mastered the MH-19 Multi Hammer. These pictures showcase his talent along with the versatility of the hammer. This type of work would normally be done on several machines over the course of several hours rather than several minutes.

The MH-19 Multi Hammer is the ultimate metal shaping solution that fits in the corner of the shop; it is like having 6 machines in one. It takes the place of a shop full of metal shaping machinery. It will replace your English wheel, planishing hammer, shrinker / stretcher, bead roller, Pullmax and Yoder style machines.

Fantomworks is in the process of filming a reality TV show that will air on cable this winter. The fabrication crew will be fabricating some mind blowing builds for the cameras using the MH-19 Multi Hammer.

Check out their video.

Here is a link to a detailed slideshow of how to master the art of metal shaping using the MH-19 Power Hammer.



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