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Old Faithful……Finesse from an H Frame press

H-frame presses or hydraulic shop presses have been utilized in just about every fabrication, auto repair facility and maintenance shop in history. Many are old, rusty and usually have a couple rags and work shirts hanging from them.

As dirty and ugly as they can get, you cannot deny the H-Frame press is one of the first machines purchased and many times, one of the most important as well.

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Whether you are bending brackets, pressing bearings or applying continuous pressure over an extended period of time, the performance, speed and ease of adjustment of your shop press can be crucial.

Baileigh Industrial offers a full line of H-Frame presses that have taken over the industry worldwide. Available in air / hydraulic or electric / hydraulic variations, we offer a solution for just about every application on the market today. From budget conscious, entry level presses, to ultra-heavy duty production style machines, with super fine adjustments that will literally split a human hair.

Levi Green from Hammerfab was kind enough to send us an email and a couple pictures of his newly purchased HSP-75A.

“Not only can this press handle 75 tons without breaking a sweat, it also has finesse. It has a hair trigger that moves thousandths of an inch at a time.”

-Levi Green

Owner of Hammerfab

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