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Hammering in Hawaii with Padilla Designs

Padilla Designs specializes in designing and creating custom functional and decorative artwork for designers, architects, contractors and private homeowners all over the world. Using a variety of materials including copper, brass, bronze, stainless steel and numerous hardwoods, Padilla designs creates pieces that are organic, timeless and inspiring.

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Located in Kihei, Hawaii, this family owned business has been an outstanding member of our fabrication family for many years. The majority of the projects you see here have been fabricated using Baileigh industrial equipment.

The MH-19 Power Hammer has played a key role in growing the business into what it is today. With the freedom to shape just about any metal known to man, these guys have taken metal art to a whole new level. From giant copper leaves to stainless steel sculptures on gates, their flavor of metal art is world famous and are some of the best we have seen.

As you peruse the portfolio of work on their website, you will notice miles of tubular fabrication. Numerous gates, railings, and ornamental masterpieces, all bent with the RDB-350 tube bender and notched with the TN-800 tube notcher.

Check out their impressive website here: http://www.padilladesigns.com/our-work/

Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/padilladesigns

Padilla Designs is the absolute leader in the industry when it comes to innovative designs in metal. Go give their Facebook page a follow and let them know how much you like their work.

Be on the lookout for their latest “top secret” project that will be unveiled shorty.

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