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Kilimanjaro Technologies go all out Baileigh!

John Musiira, founder of Kilimanjaro Technologies Limited, wanted to start his business using only the best equipment, ensuring the highest quality metal fabricated products. He knew that if he invested in  top quality equipment on the front end of his business venture, then he would be giving himself a head start over his rivals. This is why he chose Baileigh Industrial.

The BS-20M, BS-250M, BB-9612, and CS-315M John bought are all machines made to our highest standards in Taiwan. His HSP-100M, a 100 tonne workshop press, was built in Poland with excellent quality, and the TN-300 is manufactured in our factory in the USA, only a stone’s throw away from our world headquarters. Finally, Mr. Musiira’s R-M55H roll bender was made in the same factory as our world leading CNC mandrel benders in Portugal. Kilimanjaro Technologies will be made up of a truly international collection of quality machines.

Not only did Baileigh Industrial supply the top quality machines needed, we supplied the entire package. From purchasing the container on John’s behalf, to loading and having it collected when fully laden. It is currently on the Malit Al Ashtar vessel between Southampton, England, and Mombasa, Kenya due to arrive in Uganda early December.
To be continued…

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