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Made in the USA / Dirt Bound Off Road

Located in San Dimas, California, Dirt Bound Off Road is a family owned business with a strong customer base. Specializing in Jeeps and 4×4 trucks, they offer a full product line of off road bumpers, parts and accessories. Over the past several years, their products have grown quite popular in the off road community, and as a result, the company has grown exponentially.

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Unfortunately, with their “entry level” machinery, meeting the demands of this successful business has been quite challenging for Max Wilson and his crew. The “painfully slow” air / hydraulic tube bender has been a huge bottleneck in the shop, slowing production to a crawl when orders need to ship.

Desperate for a permanent solution he could grow the business around, Max contacted the Baileigh off road team who specialize in off road chassis and roll cage manufacturing applications.

After looking at Dirt Bound’s products and production numbers, the team engineered a solution that reduced a 3 man job down to a 1 man job in a fraction of the time. The RDB-250 programmable tube bender will bend 180 degrees in 9 seconds, in addition to saving 180 programs in its memory. The 10 foot indexing table ensures dead accurate bends in any plane.

Max and his crew now have the correct equipment in place to expand the business into new markets without the worry of not being able to keep up. Max was kind enough to send us these pictures and this email:

“I gotta say how amazing this bender is, last week I did a production run of hoops for about 30 bumpers worth (a little over 100 bends). Normally that would take us 2-3 days to do, with the RDB-250 I was able to cut and bend all the tube in just under 4 hours.”

Check the out here:

Website: www.DirtBoundUSA.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DirtBoundOffroad/timeline

Instagram: @dirtbound

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