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Make it Rain Benjamins, Like Queen City Fabrication

Eddie Carlton and Josh Highley have been buds for a long time. Building Hot Rods on the side, their business has been growing at a steady pace for years. Looking to expand into other markets and get rich in the process, they called the Baileigh plasma team for some guidance. Knowing that many Baileigh employees have plasma tables themselves, they knew they were in good hands.

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Living in Cincinnati, OH, the weather has been a huge factor for them this past winter, so having a downdraft system to keep the shop air nice and clean without having to open windows and doors was very important. Additionally, having the ability to design and nest programs from the comfort of the office and not needing a dedicated laptop computer to run the plasma system was also a necessity.

The PT-44VH plasma table was a perfect fit for the shop. After taking advantage of the free training that is included with each Baileigh machine, the two partners have been raking in the money. From Hot Rod parts to ornamental art pieces, it has been literally raining Benjamins for the fabrication duo.

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If you would like our CNC Plasma team to help you with your small business dreams, give us a call. Plasma tables are our specialty.

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