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Making a planishing hammer sing like a guitar / Lacey Metal Designs

When does a machine go from ordinary to extraordinary? When it tells a story….

Nobody can make a planishing hammer tell a story like Mike Gallucci from Lacey metal Designs can. An amazingly talented metal artist out of Lacey Washington who has impressed us time and time again with his projects built with our metal fabrication equipment.

[portfolio_slideshow id=4564]

From handmade, metal sculptures of wildlife and trees, to vibrant metal fountains, Mike has completely changed the rules on what can be made with a CNC plasma table, a planishing hammer and a little bit of creativity.

Here is a video of the fountain in operation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ldK_pLRqlEM

These projects here were all created with the PH-24A, a pneumatic planishing hammer that delivers 4,600 blows per minute, making shaping and smoothing metal an absolute breeze.

We offer the largest selection of metal shaping hammers on the market today. From entry level to industrial grade machinery, metal shaping is our specialty.

Mike recently entered a contest we hosted on a popular forum and absolutely blew our minds with his entry. It was named “Kansas”

Here is a video of the entry:


If you are interested in learning more about the art of shaping metal, Baileigh Industrial is the absolute authority and can get you started with a simple phone call or email. Our metal shaping team is available worldwide and can be contacted at sales@baileighindustrial.co.uk

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