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Whatever it takes

When it came time for the re-fitting of tubing in a few Hunt Class Naval Ships (Mine Sweepers and Mine Destroyers) BAE Systems called in the pros at Baileigh Industrial.

Our team of mandrel bending experts were on scene at Her Majesty’s Naval Base in Portsmouth, located in the United Kingdom.

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The application was literally miles of thin wall, copper nickel tube. Copper Nickel is highly resistant to corrosion in seawater, because its electrode potential is adjusted to be neutral with regard to seawater. Because of this, it is used for piping, heat exchangers and condensers in seawater systems…….a rather tricky application.

70/30 Cu/Ni (copper-nickel) from 30 x 1.5mm wall (1.18” x .059” wall) to 57 x 1.5mm wall (2.25” x .059” wall)

In addition to delivering a turnkey mandrel bending solution (MB-90-NCE2) in a matter of weeks, our team professionally installed the unit and provided a 2 day training course for the entire crew.

Industrial grade machinery, superior application knowledge, advanced training and unbelievable technical support….all in one place, all around the world. We are committed to your success.

……whatever it takes.

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