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Game changer

LISTEN UP BUILDERS! It’s not often you can claim a machine is an industry game changer….but this one is. Bending 4” x 2” rectangle frame rails up to 3/16” thick in a matter of seconds vs. cutting, jigging, welding and grinding each one is officially a #gamechanger . Imagine not having to wait in line, behind all of your competitors for 6-8 weeks on a chassis. Imagine being able to produce 100’s of bends in your own shop that are seamless. Imagine selling frame rails to the competition……the possibilities are endless and the impact the MB-4×2 will have on the car building industry will be massive. This affordable, American Made Bender will be on display at the SEMA tradeshow in Las Vegas Nov. 1-4 in the outdoor Baileigh metal shaping area……for all of you who want that touchy feely experience #baileigharmy #baileighmandrelbender #sema2016 

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