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Metalmeet 2010

Baileigh Industrial recently attended “International Metalmeet 2010” in Oblong, IL, on October 13 thru October 16.  This get together is organized by the directors of www.metalmeet.com, an online community of metal shapers, fabricators, auto restoration experts and true artists who convene once a year to trade tips and tricks on challenging projects in the metal forming world.  While most attendees drove to the event with projects and machinery in tow, a number of metalworkers arrived via air including a few members from Canada and Europe.

In the end, some very knowledgeable craftsmen shared ideas, techniques, and stories about metal shaping and forming.  Our machinery was used to construct fenders, gas tanks, and just about everything imaginable from simple flat sheets of metal.  The information gained through this event is something that has immeasurable value and will stay with us for life.

Check out the photos for more from Metalmeet 2010.

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