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Our New Club House From Baileigh

My Daddy owns Vultures Row Aviation.
He builds and restores WW2 era airplanes for a living.

He needs to move some serious material when shaping the sheet metal and aluminum for the planes.

Here is his website: http://vulturesrowaviation.com/index.html

He has used just about every metal shaping machine on the market and was not impressed.

He decided on the MSS-14H Shrinker / Stretcher from Baileigh Industrial. It was delivered to his shop a couple weeks ago.

Shrinker Stretcher, Metal Forming and Shaping MachineHis sheet metal guy in the shop has been shaping metal for over 30 years and told my Daddy it is the best metal shaping machine he has ever used.


Here is a movie of how it works: http://www.baileighindustrial.co.uk/videos/shrinker-stretcher-mss14-BryanFuller.php


As you can see……..my Brother and I are very happy with his decision as well.

Watch Video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F9jNkWXDBBY

MSS-14H Shrinker StretcherMetal Forming and Shaping Shrinker StretcherShrinker Stretcher - MSS-14H

Interested in shaping or forming metal?

Call Baileigh and ask to speak to one of our many metal shaping experts!


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