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Popular show uses Baileigh Industrial Roll Bender

Popular show uses Baileigh Industrial Roll Bender

Roll Bender - RM-55Baileigh Industrial’s R-M55 roll bender recently played a prominent role in disproving the myth that a ricochet is lethal.

The ring roller was employed to roll a length of 2” sch. 40 pipe to a 46” diameter ring. After the part was produced, a bullet was fired through the pipe to simulate a ricochet. Due to the quality of the finished piece, the bullet retained enough energy travelling through the inner diameter of the pipe to induce a “kill shot”.

An interesting sidebar to the application is that the R-M55 bender was able to perform this feat not within the confines of a normal shop environment, but in the field using a generator as the power source. This is a true testament to the quality and durability of Baileigh Industrial fabrication equipment.

To view an excerpt from the show, click here.

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