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Power Hammers For Sale At Baileigh Industrial | Quality Every Time

If you are looking for high quality, world-class power hammers for sale then Baileigh Industrial is the company for you. With over twenty years’ experience in the design and manufacturing of metal shaping solutions, you can have faith in the fact that we know exactly what we are doing. As a well-established supplier of power hammers, we have got the knowledge to help you with all your shaping metal requirements. No matter what the application, or how big or small the job, we have a forging hammer that’s right for your project.

Power hammers are typically electric machines. They are used for a wide variety of metal shaping tasks, such as doming, beading, edge turning, shrinking and a lot more.

Where Would I Use a Power Hammer?

Need to shape some metal into a compound form quickly and easily? Baileigh Industrial has got you covered. Our power hammers have a wide variety of applications, including automotive parts, aerospace and custom sheet metal. They are used extensively in the aerospace industry too. Along with this, they can also help to build custom cars and choppers, where reliability and quality are a necessity.

Our power hammers can be used to stretch, shrink, plannish, dome, jog, bead, and shape complex sheet metal parts. They can also use both standard or customised dies.

Power Hammer for Sale at Baileigh Industrial 

We’re leading suppliers of power hammers for sale. Therefore, we can guide you on exactly what you need for the job in hand. We have a great selection of metal forging machines from the PH-28HD and PH-19VS to the MH-37HD. All of our tools are ready to help you complete your project with ease. Here at Baileigh Industrial there is a solution for everyone with our wide variety of fabrication applications. All of our metal shaping machines are easy to use, easy to change, fully adjustable and extremely powerful. And, if our vast selection of dies is not suitable, tooling can be made to meet your exact specifications. 

Why Choose Us?

As a team of dedicated experts you can trust us when it comes to manufacturing your metal shaping hammer. With our expert advice and experience, we can help determine the ideal power hammer for your needs. We will also offer you it at extremely competitive prices. We are proud to be able to accommodate both small and large-scale projects. Rest assured our power hammers are made to the highest standards, so you can always rely on them.

Call Us Today! 

If you are interested in finding out more about our power hammers for sale, head to our website today. Alternatively, you can call +44 (0)24 7661 9267 to speak to a member of our helpful and friendly team. 

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