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R-M55 Ring and Angle Roll Bender

R-M55 Ring and Angle Roll Bender

Baileigh’s roll bending machines consist of two and three roll driven pyramid models as well as three roll driven double pinch machines. The R-M55 roll bender is the perfect bending machine for the small fabricator or weld shop. A 220 volt single phase pyramid style machine comes standard with a very heavy solid steel plate frame reducing the likely hood of roll flex. The electrical requirement of this machine allows for use in almost any welding or fabrication shop as well as at any remote job site location. The compact size allows for great portability and storage allowing utilization of valuable real estate of the small shop.

The mechanics of the R-M55 is superior to most others on the market in this category. Each hardened roll shaft turns in an industrial bearing (instead of a bushing) that reduces wear on the machine and load to the motor and gearbox. This ring roll has two driven bottom rollers and a top idle roller that has a manual adjustment to control the roll diameter. The top roll adjustment uses a fine thread that is calibrated by a scale. The fine thread allows for less physical effort under pressure when tightening the roll diameter during bending. The drive rollers are driven by a variable speed motor to a direct drive gearbox for a positive transfer of power to the bending dies. The drive train, bearings, and shaft are protected by the inverter drive that will electronically overload and kick out the machine before any potential damage may occur. The variable speed is a must when bending multiple materials, sizes and shapes.

This ring roll bending machine is perfect to bend angle iron, round and square tubing, pipe, flat bar, solid round bar and much more. Applications that are served well on the R-M55 are stair railing, straps, hay hoops, chassis, cap rails, ornamental, fencing, gates, furniture, art work, and much more offering limitless uses.

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