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Out From the Shadows! Dave Byron, a Metal Shaping Legend in the Making!

Dave Byron is probably one of the most humble metal shapers we have ever had the privilege of working with. Located in Green bay, Wisconsin, this soft spoken metal shaping enthusiast has absolutely mastered his Baileigh MH-19 Multi Hammer under a veil of secrecy.

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He purchased his machine several years ago and disappeared into the sunset, never to be heard from again……that is until he was spotted at the Sunny View Swap Meet in Oshkosh, Wisconsin a couple months back.

After setting up our booth, shaking hands and chewing the rag with some local Hot Rod guys, we noticed a rather large crowd forming in the distance. After making our way to the front, we were blown away by what we found……..it was Dave!…..and his hands were dirty! He had been working this whole time! No smart phone and not much of a computer guy, his work has been off of the metal shaping radar for most of us.

He is one of our biggest success stories when it comes to “what can be done with a power hammer.” Here is Dave’s reproduction of a ¼ midget from the mid 1950’s. Formed from 16 gauge aluminum, the majority of the work was formed with the 3” thumbnail shrinking dies that were included with his machine. The tail and nose were made with 4 separate pieces, while the hood and body were formed with a single sheet. This is amazing metal work with an insane amount of attention to detail. Some of the best we have seen.

Dave has also been busy working on a few customer projects as well. Here you will see his latest creation, a Crosley T bucket with a supercharged Crosley engine. Holy cow!

Dave will be a great addition to Baileigh’s metal shaping family as he will be one of our metal shaping instructors and power hammer teachers. Please email Shane Henderson shenderson@baileighindustrial.co.uk  for information about our metal shaping classes held on a regular basis.

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