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Titan Motorsports and Baileigh Join Forces

For nearly 15 years, Titan Motorsports has been involved in the international racing scene. Located in Orlando, Florida, they specialize in full tube chassis and race car fabrication, turbo, dyno, tuning, NOS, and just about every other drag racing and racecar upgrade you can imagine. Mail order performance parts are also a hug part of the business in addition to some of the best technical support in the business.

With a current world record under their belt, technical lead Nero Deliwala has his hands full defending it at the track nearly every weekend. The record: Kanoo Racing’s Toyota Supra ran a 6.14 sec @ 232 miles per hour.

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The race shop is a beehive of fabrication activity and is running nonstop. Tube chassis and roll cage production has been simplified for production using the programmable RDB-250 tube bender.

Here is a video of the shop


If you are interested in racing, check out their website here:


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