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Tube Bending in Green Bay

TBC Metal Works is right in the center of Packer Country. Located in Green Bay, Wisconsin. They specialize in production rotary draw tube bending, mandrel tube bending, roll bending, tube / pipe coping and pipe threading. Not to mention the constant stream of small 5 to 10 piece jobs that walk in the door every day.

Owner and CEO Rick Tollefson laughs as he talks about his humble beginnings. The company was started in 1988 by him and his brother. The idea of bending gas station bumpers in the garage on the weekends for extra cash turned out to be a goldmine. The orders kept coming and this weekend hobby turned into a full time gig in 2004. Moving out of the garage and into a real shop gave them space to grow the business. They began to put the correct machines in place to start production runs.

The RDB-350 tube bender was their first choice. Still in operation today with over a million bends to date, Rick talks about the bender like it is an old buddy of his. He says it is the machine that started his business. Funny how attached you get to good machinery he says.

Now TBC is thriving in an 8,000 square foot facility with 8 full time employees and a ton of Baileigh equipment running all day, every day. Rick also runs the MB-350 mandrel tube bender, TN-800 tube notcher and BS-350 bandsaw.


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