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Tube Bending with Zephyr Engineering

Zephyr Engineering is a contract manufacturing company located in Salem, Oregon. Specializing in laser cutting, forming, CNC machining and welding, they do it all when it comes to metal.

Over the past several years, President and owner John Martins has slowly filled his production floor with our equipment. Baileigh Lathes, bead rollers, tube benders and a small truckload of tooling can be seen in operation just about any day of the week.

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The most recent addition to the shop floor was the RDB-175 hydraulic programmable tube bender. A huge step up from the manual bender the crew struggled with for years. Repeating parts can now be done with little human interaction. Simply type in your desired degree of bend, step on the foot pedal, and the bender will automatically stop at the programmed location.

The first job for the bender was a small production run of tubing for an aluminum shovel that was completed in a matter of minutes.

Here you can see his operator using the AF-360D digital angle finder to accurately “dial in” opposing back to back, 180 degree bends.

John was kind enough to send us this testimonial about his experience with Baileigh over the past several years.

“Baileigh has been great to work with. I can ask application questions and get honest answers. I would recommend them highly.”

John Martin
President and Owner Zephyr Engineering

Please wear safety glasses when operating machinery

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