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Tube Bending

Here at Baileigh, we live, eat, breath and sleep rotary draw tube and pipe benders and roll benders. We are all application experts here. We love tube bending…..it is a sickness we all have.

A daily question and major concern for many of our customers:

How will my bends look?

Will it scratch up my tube?

Will it put marks on my aluminum?

Will my bends be nice and round or flat looking?

….and the answer is always the same. “It’s all about the tooling!”  When customers ask us what their bends will look like, we simply ask “what do you want them to look like”….we can make it happen.

Baileigh offers a whole arsenal of custom bend dies and tooling configurations to handle virtually any kind of application. From the mirror finish of # 8 stainless handrail, to anodized aluminum to thin wall 4130 chromolly. From aluminum angle iron to rectangle roll bent roof bows. We can make tooling for almost anything you can dream up. Call a Baileigh tube bending application expert to find out “how your bends will look”.


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