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Utah Trikes: A Rolling Success Story

Ashley Guy is the Founder and President of Utah Trikes. Located in Payson, Utah, they are in the epicenter of one of the largest biking communities in the US.

Surrounded by bikes as a child, Ashley found himself tinkering with them at a young age. Building his first fully functional bicycle at the age of 10 shaped his future as he turned his love for bicycles and trikes into an industry leading business. 

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Today, as the nation’s leading trike manufacturer, Ashley and his crew continue to be a driving force of innovative design and manufacturing throughout the world, and we have been by his side the entire trip.

Ashley and the crew do all of the designing and Baileigh Industrial does all of the heavy lifting. 

They use the RDB-250 tube bender with a touch screen programmer to bend the tubes for the frames. The TN-800 endmill style tube notcher is used to provide the perfect cope (or notch) for joining and TIG welding.

In addition to the tube bending operations, the RDB-250 tube bender has been outfitted with the UBP-1200 Universal Bend Plate that allows the operator to easily bend solid rod and flat bar to multiple radii without major tooling changes. 

Utah Trikes is now a fully functional #Baileighshop and is a perfect example of how our team operates. 

When a customer calls Baileigh Industrial with a manufacturing need, our technical sales and application group engineers and delivers the perfect solution….it’s that simple. 

Having the correct machinery in place changes everything.

Follow Utah Trikes on Instagram to keep up with the latest: @utahtrikes 

Check out their website here: http://www.utahtrikes.com/ 

Here are a few videos of how Utah Trikes has changed everything:


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