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When a plan comes together!

That smile says it all! 30 year old Michael Fenton from @fentonspeedshop is ready for next chapter in his life. He has been working till midnight, every weekend and even on Holidays. Side jobs, body work, rebuilds…anything to save his money to make his move. Years of planning and months of anticipation, he has been like a kid on Christmas eve. 

It has been a blast working with Michael on his dream. Here you see him unloading his very own PT-44 CNC Plasma Table that he meticulously tracked our delivery truck’s every move on its way down to Texas. 

We could not be more happy to be involved in this young entrepreneur’s dream…and we will promote the heck out of his work free of charge. He’s a good guy and deserves some support and a follow from fellow fabricators. Michael Fenton is what the #baileigharmy is all about….BAM! #baileighplasmatable

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