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Custom bead rolling application

By Baileigh Industrial | October 31, 2013 | Comments Off on Custom bead rolling application

My company needed to apply a groove to a cylindrical object. (similar to the one pictured below) After many failed attempts we contacted the custom industrial application team at Baileigh Industrial. The team did a great job developing custom male and female tooling to fit the BR-16E-36 industrial bead roller. We sent them our specifications…

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Self Taught Hot Rod Builder, Jordan Hart

By Baileigh Industrial | March 23, 2012 | Comments Off on Self Taught Hot Rod Builder, Jordan Hart

Jordan Hart has been a car nut since he was a kid. Blame his Uncle for dragging him to car shows and Monster Truck rallies in his 49 Ford Willies. With 2 working parents, Jordan was on his own learning to wrench on and build cars. He started out with an air compressor and air tools…

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