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+44 (0)24 7661 9267 | Contact Us

200,000 Likes on Facebook and 75,000 Followers on Instagram

As the world leader in metal and woodworking machinery, Baileigh Industrial has the largest social media following in the industry. As we are quickly approaching 200,000 followers in Social Media, our fan base grows exponentially on a daily basis. Many of our followers and social media contributors are either current customers, future fabricators or metal and woodworking enthusiasts looking for new ideas. In addition to our contributions on just about every fabrication forum on the planet, our Facebook and Instagram pages have become an absolute resource for many fabricators.

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Our overwhelming popularity on fabrication TV shows has shined a big spotlight on our customers and their projects as well. An industry wide pilgrimage towards the Baileigh Industrial brand has crowned us the unrivaled leader in metal and woodworking.

The Baileigh Industrial team would like to thank all who post their metal fabrication and woodworking projects on Facebook, Instagram and their favorite forums while proudly flying the Baileigh flag in their shops.


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