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Sheet Metal Guillotines | The Benefits

At Baileigh Industrial we have a broad range of high quality sheet metal guillotines available. As leaders in metal fabrication equipment, we pride ourselves in being able to supply the best guillotine for your requirements. With over twenty years of experience in the industry we can make sure you have the right sheet metal cutter for the job.

What are Sheet Metal Guillotines?

As the name suggests, a metal guillotine is usually used to cut sheet metal in the sheet metal fabrication industry. Sheet metal guillotines can cut a variety of thickness of metal sheet. They operate using a clamp to secure the sheet of material. The sheet metal shears are similar in action to a pair of scissors and the blade cuts the material, starting at one side of the sheet. The shearing process minimises sheet distortion to obtain high-quality results. 

Benefits of a Sheet Metal Guillotine

Our guillotines have strong shearing capabilities and deliver precise results every time with a smooth cut and minimal distortion. Using an industrial metal guillotine for sale from Baileigh Industrial will not only maximise efficiency but it will also guarantee consistent, top notch results. All our sheet metal shears are high quality, durable, and will work with a variety of materials. 

The fast and easy process and accurate results mean the sheet metal cutter is very popular in the fabrication industry. A Baileigh Industrial metal guillotine can easily cut any type of metal achieving the desired measurements every time. Also, as far as safety is concerned, our shearing machines are safe and secure to work with when used by experienced professionals.

Baileigh Industrial Metal Guillotines

With an impressive range of high quality guillotines available at Baileigh Industrial, from Foot Guillotines to Hydraulic Guillotines and even Manual Guillotines we pride ourselves in being able to supply the most suitable sheet metal cutter for your project requirements. A sheet metal guillotine will increase productivity, ensure consistent results and minimise distortion. So, which of our sheet metal shears will benefit your project the most? 

Our expert team is always on hand to recommend the most suitable products for your specific needs. To find out more about our sheet metal guillotines, head to our website today. Or, call +44 (0)24 7661 9267 to speak to a member of the team. With years of experience in the industry and an in-depth understanding of sheet metal guillotine applications our team can make sure you get it right the first time.

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