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Vertical Mill Machine | The Basics

If you are looking for a high quality, world-class vertical mill machine then Baileigh Industrial is the company for you. With over twenty years experience in the design and manufacturing of metal shaping solutions we know how to deliver quality products. Our milling machine for sale is top of the range and the perfect fit for any machine shop. 

Milling Machine Definition

“A milling machine is a machine tool in which a horizontal arbor or vertical spindle rotates a cutting tool above a horizontal table, which is used to move a workpiece. A milling machine will shave off small sections of the metal until the final product is produced.”

Vertical Mill Machine

In vertical mill machine,  the spindle axis is vertically oriented. Milling cutters are held in the spindle and rotate on its axis. The spindle can generally be extended, or the table raised or lowered to produce the same effect, to allow for plunge cuts and drilling. At Baileigh Industrial we offer 2 vertical mill lines: economical E models and production mills that last for decades.

Types of Milling Machine Operations

Milling machines are used for a whole host of applications, which is why there are 15 types of milling machine operations: 

1. Face Milling

2. Side Milling

3. Plain Milling

4. Straddle Milling

5. Angular Milling

6. Gang Milling

7. Form Milling

8. Profile Milling:

9. End Milling

10. Saw Milling

11. Milling Key Ways, Grooves and Slots

12. Gear Milling

13. Helical Milling

14. Cam Milling

15. Thread Milling

Where would I use a Baileigh milling machine?

Milling machines can be used to create very complex or simple parts, depending on the end need. One machine is not better than the other; they simply perform a different set of movements. Machined parts can be found in most day-to-day items, such as dryers, toasters and ovens etc. 

Why buy a milling machine from Baileigh instead of a competing brand?

  • Wide variety – Within our range, we’re bound to have a model that’s just right for your milling, drilling, tapping, boring, and reaming projects.
  • Rigid construction – All-cast bases and hardened, ground tables help prevent vibrations, so the milling machines stay accurate and reliable over many years of consistent use.
  • Replacement parts in stock – You can order parts directly from us. We’ll quickly ship them out to you from our Wisconsin headquarters.
  • Lifetime technical support by phone – Our team of experienced metalworkers is here to provide project advice, answer your questions, and troubleshoot any problems.

Call Us Today!

If you are interested in finding out more about a vertical mill machine or our milling machine parts, call +44 (0)24 7661 9267. Alternatively, you can find out more on our website. 

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