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Baileigh down under

Bam…Baileigh down under! One of Australia’s premier automotive metal shaping, customization and restoration shops has just joined the global #baileigharmy in a big way. Shop owner Graeme Brewer just called our United States headquarters and informed us he went all in with Baileigh. His team walked into our Australian showroom in Melbourne and fell in love with every piece we had on the floor.….he was almost in tears! We are talking about an invoice that was over 3 pages long!

They have literally replaced every single machine in their shop with Baileigh metal shaping and fabrication machinery. From Power Hammers, English Wheels, bead rollers and Shrinker / Stretchers, to Benders, Notchers, Grinders, punches and saws. We just might have to paint the entire shop orange and black because this place will be a living, breathing Baileigh commercial.

We could not be happier to welcome the crew from @downtownkustoms to the family! Go give them a follow and scroll down a few months on their page and look at the caliber of metal shaping and level of fabrication these guys are on.

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