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Baileigh Bail OUT!!!

Well!, thanks to all of you here on the Hamb that read all of the tech posts, as well as Baileigh Industrial. It is pretty amazing that Baileigh is willing to sponsor a tech week by giving away such valuable and useful piece of equipment. I am going to be the proud new owner of a deep throat shrinker/stretcher! I just got off the phone with Baileigh Industrial and by the end of the week I should have a new shrinker stretcher to add to my small collection of metal fabrication tools! I can’t wait to start using it! Check it out! New Shrinker / Stretchers

Shrinker Stretcher Shrinker Stretcher Metal Shrinker Stretcher

Do you know how refreshing it is to call a company to place an order for equipment and be able to talk to someone on a personal level? It is all to often that you call up a store to order something out of their catalogue, only to get some 6 dollar an hour employee just out of grade school who doesn’t care a lick about you or what your ordering, nor do they have any knowledge of the product you are getting so your questions… Well… their out of the question! Well, the guys over at Baileigh are the exact opposite of that! I called Baileigh Industrial this morning and started asking questions about both machines and all of the details of each and he answered every one of them… Not only did he have all of the knowledge but you can tell right off the bat that he genuinely cares about the machines and the work he does. I’ll tell you, that is so refreshing in a capitalist economy like our where most everyone in big business only cares about the bottom dollar. So far its been a great experience and I’m sure it will only get better… We even joked a bit about cars and projects we were working on, like the upholstery in his 1960 Corvair. Amazing guys over there at Baileigh! Don’t believe me, give Baileigh Industrial a call (920-684-4990)! Order one of their catalogues there free, and talk cars and metal fabrication you’ll see what I mean!

As soon as I get the machine I’ll start putting up some pictures of the great work that it does!

Check out their website at: www.baileighindustrial.co.uk

Thanks again for all the support!


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