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Off Road Fabrication and Tube Bending

Over the course of the day we get quite a few inquiries from the off road and ATV crowd. Off Roading and Baileigh Industrial fabrication equipment go hand in hand. Most guys are looking to bend a roll cage for their Jeep or truck similar to the following:

Roll CageRoll Cage

One aspect of off-roading that has taken off in the past few years is rock crawling. These vehicles are fabricated for one purpose – to get over the nastiest terrain imaginable! In this sport having the best equipment on the market is essential to building a rig that can withstand the punishment on a day in and day out basis, and Baileigh Industrial saws, benders and design software are crucial to achieving that goal.

Off RoadingOff Roading

But do not go away thinking that our equipment is only for the “experts” in the crowd. Many items on a typical 4X4 or ATV can be produces with a little time and the right equipment.

Exo Cage

Exo Cage

Shock Hoops

Shock Hoops

Brush Guard or Stinger

Brush Gaurd or Stinger Stinger

ATV Accessories

ATV Accessories

All of the above projects can be made fairly easily in ones garage with a little imagination, a tube bender, a tube notcher, a saw, and an angle level.

For most applications a rotary draw tube bender is necessary to produce the somewhat “tight” bends needed for most projects. These machines come in many forms from manual, to hydraulic, to fully programmable. Baileigh tube benders all utilize the same tooling throughout the lineup enabling the user to achieve the same high quality bends regardless of model purchased. One very popular model in the Baileigh lineup is the model RDB-125 rotary draw bender. This unit is economically priced for the garage mechanic yet has the power and precision that professionals demand. Die sets are available for most any size OD and center line radius. The most popular off road die sets are 1 1/2″ and 1 3/4″ and usually with a 5 1/2″ and 6 1/2″ center line radius. Most customers will also purchase a 1″ die with a 3″ CLR for luggage racks and grab handles.

Achieving a precision cope is one of the most important aspects of a high quality build. Fitment is crucial in these areas and Baileigh notchers are designed to deliver time and again with a full line of pipe and tubing coping machines at various price points to accommodate any size budget. Hole saw style, end mill type and abrasive notchers are the most popular.

An accurate saw is a must for any shop. Some of the most popular types among the off road fabricators include band saws and abrasive saws or “chop” saws. One type of saw many times overlooked is the cold saw. Each type of saw has specific strong points and weak points. Baileigh Industrial carries a wide assortment of these models to suit any job you may run into and all at a price you can afford!

Bend Tech Pro software is also very popular with the guys who are just getting started. It makes tube bending simple by allowing you to design your roll cage, rock crawler, racecar or chopper frame right on your computer screen. After designing your project, just click a button, and it will print out a build sheet for each tube. Showing you how long to cut your tube, where to start and stop your bends. It also will print out a notching wrapper as well. These make notching the ends of your tube simple and accurate. Just cut the wrapper out with a pair of scissors, wrap it around the end of your tube, trace it with a sharpie marker and notch your tube. When you are done, you will have a bunch of tube laying on the ground that will be bent and notched that will fit together perfectly.

We have seen some pretty impressive designs from some of our customers, and we know there is much, much more to come!

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