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Eric Breske: Fabrication Guru and Application Expert

Eric Breske joined our Technical Applications and Inside Sales group last year and has made an incredible impact to our team.

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A production welder and fabricator for over 20 years, he exemplifies what “real world fabrication expertise” is all about. When it comes to understanding what metal does when you bend, cut, shrink, or stretch it, Eric is one of the best.

With a successful aluminum trailer manufacturing business on the side, his fabrication skills and knowledge are up to date and can offer first hand testimonials on everything he uses in his personal shop.

On any given day, you will find a pile of test bends, cut material or some strange extrusion in his cubical. Always in our showroom performing test bends, cuts or proving out tricky applications, he is constantly educating our customers on what to expect when you purchase from Baileigh.


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