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Fabrication Rock Star: Austin Weiss

Austin Weiss is a rock star in the metal fabrication world. Whether you are talking about his classic car and chopper collections; his fully decked out fab shop with Miami style graffiti on the walls; his super model wife of 5 years; or his unbelievable following on his blog and several social media sites; Austin is truly living like a Rock Star.

All of this fame and cushy lifestyle did not come easy though. He started with nothing…literally. He built his fabrication empire from the ground up. One build at a time….one customer at a time.

As a kid, he liked to tinker a bit. Whether it was Legos, RC cars, or erector sets, he was always taking things apart and putting them back together with his own flavor. Constantly customizing and putting his own spin on things. He was completely unaware he was actually  planting the seeds for his future. At the age of 16 it would all come together for Austin.

It would be his friend’s fab shop that would turn out to be the final inspiration Austin needed to kick start his career. His friend was a welder and shared his craft with him. Austin found himself mesmerized by metal and the art of welding. That was it, Austin was hooked. He attended a local welding vocational school and passed with flying colors. He named his new shop “Garage Inc.” and started to build bikes, hot rods and his own custom creations. Shaping metal and welding masterpieces together all day, every day.

Austin was smart, he filled Garage Inc. to the rim with fabrication equipment: benders, notchers, presses, lathes, drills, band saws, grinders and a ton of metal shaping equipment. All from one place, Baileigh Industrial.

People started to notice Austin’s work. Only 23 years old and crowned the youngest master bike builder in history by Easy Rider Magazine in 2007, he went on the Easy Rider Tour that featured live bike building. He shared the stage with many celebrity bike builders and showcased his fab skills in front of thousands. In 2008, Austin was the youngest builder to have 3 bikes inducted into the Motorcycle Hall of Fame.

Garage Inc has built custom bikes and cars for many athletes, celebrities and corporations over the past couple of years.

Hip Hop Singer: Will.I.Am of the Black Eyed Peas
Hip Hop singer: Little John
Comedian: Carlos Mencia
Football Star: Reggie Bush
Budweiser Beer
Krieger Watches

Owning one of the nation’s premiere fabrication shops has not gone to his head though. He lives life by one simple rule, tattooed on the tops of both of his hands as a constant reminder; “Grind hard and stay humble.”

Garage Inc. and Baileigh Industrial have partnered up to take over the metal shaping and fabrication world one build at a time. Big things are in the future for young Austin Weiss. You can watch his builds, and his skills grow on his blog. Updated several times an hour it seems, he meticulously documents his life through photography. He has hundreds of thousands of followers, all fascinated with the “Rock Star Fabricator” and his lifestyle.

Austin is one of the most grateful and sincere people we have had the pleasure of doing business with. Good luck Austin, I think we see a Baileigh MH-19 Multi Hammer in your future…wink…wink….


Your Friends,
The Baileigh metal shaping and fabrication team.

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