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Keller Buys Quality Machinery

Wayne Keller is not just your average fabricator. He is a proud Vietnam Vet and the President and CEO of Keller Sheet Metal in Clinton, MD. The DC areas premier sheet metal and handrail shop that turns out super high end work.

Proud customer of Baileigh MachineryKeller Makes Handrails with Baileigh Metal MachineryKeller Buys Baileigh Band Saw

Wayne contacted us several years ago looking to get into bending handrail. Fed up with buying pre-bent elbows and paying a full crew of guys cutting, welding, grinding and then polishing each elbow into place before installing the handrails. Wayne stepped up into the RDB-125 pipe bender. Wayne has turned a 5 guys job into a one man job with better looking handrails in a fraction of the time and cost. Wayne says he gets just about every job he bids on now.

Impressed with the quality of his bender, Wayne also ordered up the CS-315EU Cold Cut Saw. Precision cuts, super-fast, no mess, and awesome blade life. Wayne cuts all of his handrails in seconds. He added casters to the saw so he can move it around his shop.

A couple years have gone by and Wayne moved his business into a larger building and started getting some larger structural steel jobs. He needed larger capacity to cut I-beam. The BS-350 is a dual mitering band saw that Wayne says is the “Cat’s Meow.” He loves it as you can see in the pictures.

If you are in the DC area and are looking for any type of sheet metal, structural steel, handrail, or any type of metal fabrication job, give Ol’ Wayne Keller a call and let him give you a quote. Be careful though, he might just talk your ear off and tell a couple dirty jokes in the process.

Keller Sheet Metal

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