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Rat Rods….Las Vegas Style

Love em’ or hate em’, you cannot deny that Rat Rods have made their way into the American lexicon. Although they get mixed reviews throughout automotive circles, they do have a rather large following. The phone rings constantly here at Baileigh with Rat Rod applications. Whether its father and son projects in the garage, or SEMA bound rods that have motors from science fiction movies, it seems everyone wants to build one.

We have many Rat Rod fabrication success stories under our belt, here is the latest:

Growing up in Las Vegas, Kyle Hogue has exposure to some of the most incredible cars on the planet. From millionaires’ stretched limousines, to one of a kind super cars cruising up and down the strip, Las Vegas is a hotbed of car culture.

After years of the glitz and glamour, Kyle grew numb to it. He found himself drawn more to the loud pipes and radical designs of the Rat Rods around town. Fascinated by the culture that surrounds them, he built his first Rat Rod at the age of 18……and he was hooked. This was the direction he wanted to take his welding and fabrication skills.

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Fast forward 10 years and you have Hogue Motorsports, a rat rod, chop shop that cranks out some of the most radical rods in Las Vegas. Recently featured on 2 different reality TV shows on the Discovery Channel and History Channel, he helped a crew crank out 8 rat rods in 80 days….. all for the love of reality TV!

He is a humble man who describes himself as a “Metal Manipulator” and lives the lifestyle to the fullest. His daily driver is this monster “1930 Model A” that turns heads and breaks eardrums everywhere it goes.

Kyle has filled his shop with Baileigh metal shaping equipment. The BR-18E-36 bead roller has been instrumental in the fabrication of his floorboards, transmission tunnels and dash boards. The BB-4816M magnetic box and pan brake allows him to create shapes that are simply impossible to make on other machines.

Be on the lookout for Kyle Hogue as he will be a familiar face on TV and will be featured on a regular basis on our website.

Kyle Hogue:

With my Baileigh tools, I have the edge over the competition. I can do work nobody else in my town can, this is why I’m successful in the industry. Thank you Baileigh Industrial!


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