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Ray Quick – Baileigh Industrial Gravity Racer

Ray Quick Designed and Built the Baileigh Industrial Gravity Racer that he races Ray Quick

Ray Quick started to tinker with designing and building the Baileigh Industrial gravity racer in 2006.  He started racing in some small local races in Colorado.  In 2006 he placed 3rd in the Cripple Creek race by crossing the finish line backwards.  In 2007 and 2008 he fine-tuned the steering geometry to keep his butt end behind him, finishing second and first respectively!!  The win in 2008 he unseated the 7 time champion.  In 2009 he improved his aerodynamics and would put it to the test in Victor Colorado taking first place.  The next test was the Great Sand Springs Downhill Soapbox Derby Race (http://www.sandspringsderby.com/) in Sand Springs Oklahoma.  The race was October 10th and that was here the true test for him and his gravity racing skills..  Ray ended up taking home first place out of 68 racers.  His progress from 2006 to 2009 can be found at (http://www.quik-pak.com/gravity_racers.htm) where you will also see the Quik-Pak trailers he designs and sales..  Good job Dad!!!!!!!!

Editors note: Ray Quick is the father of Baileigh Industrial’s Lead Technical Advisor, Brennon Quick.  Congratulations Ray on your victory!

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