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Southern Domination in Metal Fabrication: Fusion Metalworks



A must see video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7MdyQxFiQ_g

Taking over the South, one weld at a time, Fusion Metalworks is southern Florida’s largest and most capable fabrication shops. From welding, rigging and custom coatings, to mobile fabrication, hand rail and structural erecting, Fusion’s team of hardcore fabricators and welders are about as good as it gets when it comes to quality.

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Whether you are talking about welding from a crane bucket, dangling from the side of a bridge, or walking the I beams of sky scrapers, Team Fusion has an incredible “can do” attitude that will not compromise when it comes to teamwork, quality, or on time delivery of a completed project.

With one of the largest arsenals of fabrication resources in the south, owner Darren Beaner has served a virtual “check mate” to his competition. He was smart and filled his shop with Baileigh Industrial machinery. We are not talking about small hand tools and grinders, but rather giant 10 foot shears, press brakes and high capacity pipe benders. No more subbing out work to other shops, Darren now has complete and total control over the quality and lead times of each job….BAM!

Fusion Metalworks is now a part of the ever-growing “Industrial” side of Baileigh Industrial. Although we have reigned kings in Motorsports and Manufacturing machinery for nearly 2 decades, our “industrial” division has been gaining momentum for years and is now supplying industrial grade, structural fabrication machinery, all over the world.

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