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Strange bends on a Baileigh Magnetic Brake

Some of you may remember that I bought a Baileigh Magnetic brake a while back. I have used it a bunch, but for the most part most of the bending could have been done on a traditional Box/Pan brake (really not very interesting). In the interest of showing the versatility of the Mag Brake I did a tutorial of building a radiator fan shroud and how I used the Mag Brake for bending radiused corners around round bar instead of square corners like a traditional Box/Pan, and this is easy on the Mag brake. Well I just completed another customer project that wouldn’t have been possible on a traditional Box/Pan and I thought I’d share it with you.

My customer has a restored WWII Bomber airplane (don’t bother asking the model of bomber as I can’t remember but I will ask again next time we talk) and he is fitting some empty 1000 lb Bombs to the bomb bay that have been converted to store extra fuel and engine oil. The bomb bodies that he has are sans fins and he needed some new fins cut out and bent up. So this it the process. I hope it shows you one more of the cool things that can be done with a magnetic brake.

The blank fin as cut on my plasma table.

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