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Tube Bender – RDB-125 Used By Lee Stamper

Lee Stamper (formerly of Orange County Choppers) has started at Knuckleheadz Kustomz. http://knuckleheadzkustomz.com/

Here he is with his new RDB-125 tube bender.

Tube Bender RDB-125

Tube Bender RDB-125

Tube Bender RDB-125

Tube Bender RDB-125






Baileigh Industrial hydraulic tube benders are known for their quality of bend and repeatability. To aid with repeatability we have a very large degree dial that shows the degree of bend. Our tooling also comes with a zero degree indicator which is the start of the bend. To further assist this pipe bending machine we offer as an option, a plane of bend degree dial that helps with varying planes of bend at varying degrees, as well as proper layout software. Both recommended options save time and money during initial layout of a project at hand. This is the perfect machine for bending round or square tubing, or round pipe in material such as aluminum, mild steel, chromoly, stainless steel, and much more.

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