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Using A Sheet Metal Brake | What You Need To Know

At Baileigh Industrial we specialise in sheet metal brakes and sheet metal bonding tools that deliver quality results. But what is a sheet metal brake? This is a tool used to bend various types of metal. It’s a tool that can be used for varying applications but has many beneficial uses. The tool is often used in the motorsport industry for applications such as roll cages, space frame chassis, impact protection, and suspension. Using a sheet metal brake maximises efficiency. However, it also ensures you get a consistent, fit-for-purpose bend every time. 

The major components of a sheet metal brake are:

  • Clamps to hold the sheet metal
  • A bending plate where the sheet metal rests
  • A lever that lifts the bending plate until you have the desired angle

Like all Baileigh Industrial products, hydraulic sheet metal brakes are built to the highest standards. They boast a fully welded top beam, bending leaf and solid steel support rods. These help minimise any deflection when bending at full capacity.


Like with any project, the best place to start is by measuring not once, but twice. By measuring twice, you can avoid multiple bending attempts. Use a tape measure find the required length. Then, transfer that measurement to the metal sheet using a marker. For optimal results, make sure the tool is oiled in preparation for use. 

Cutting the metal

Before using the brake, cut all of the sheet metal required for the project. This will make it a lot easier to bend. Trying to cut the sheet metal once it has already been bent will be significantly more challenging. It’s a good idea to use a guillotine to cut the material, as this will give you the precision you need. 

Using a sheet metal brake

Once you have all the sheet metal required for the project cut to the desired sizes, it’s time to make the first bend using a sheet metal brake. Slide the metal into the brake until the measurement marks line up with the clamps on either side. Then, simply lower the clamping lever using the handle on the side of the brake and fix it against the sheet metal.


Once in place, lift the lever on the bending blade so that the metal moves up toward the sheet metal brake. Using the angle guide on the side of the brake bend the metal until the angle indicator shows the correct angle. Stay in that position for a few seconds before replacing the lever back to its original starting point. 

Final checks

Now all that is left to do is remove the sheet metal and check the bend matches your required angle. If the bend is not quite right you can always reinsert the metal into the clamps and bend the metal until you have the correct angle. 

It’s as simple as that! But if you have any questions about using a sheet metal brake or about our sheet metal bending tools then head to our website today. Alternatively, call +44 (0)24 7661 9267 to a member of our helpful and experienced team. 

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