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Can You Cut Metal With A Bandsaw? | A Guide to Using a Metal Cutting Saw

Looking for a metal cutting saw? Baileigh Industrial has been top supplier of  bandsaws throughout the world for over 20 years. Our experience and expertise has made Baileigh Bandsaws the world’s best range of bandsaws available. With our staff’s vast experience and time spent in the industry Baileigh delivers the best service and advice to our customers. The Baileigh Bandsaw is used all over the world and our bandsaws for sale are the best on the market. 

What is a bandsaw?

A simple definition is that it’s a saw with a long blade that consists of a continuous band of metal with saw teeth, stretched between two or more wheels. 

While the blade is continuously moving, only a small part of it is exposed in the cutting area. The blade circulates around the flywheels within the bow of the saw. It then descends through the workpiece towards the table of the saw. The work piece is moved into a heavy-duty vice and secured. This is where the saw creates the cuts. The narrow size of the blade allows for detailed, intricate cuts.

Can you cut metal with a bandsaw?

At Baileigh Industrial we know everything there is to know about bandsaws. A question we get asked regularly is ‘can you cut metal with a bandsaw?’ The answer is, yes. A bandsaw; also known as a metal cutting saw is designed for large volumes of work and applications. The most popular application is metal cutting. Specially designed blades for metal allow the bandsaw to handle the materials better while limiting waste and allowing for better control.

Baileigh Industrial supplies a massive range of bandsaw machines so we have something for every application. Whether you need a vertical metal bandsaw or a horizontal bandsaw, we’ve got you covered. A bandsaw offers astounding versatility when it comes to making any kind of cut. We also stock a variety of replacement bandsaw blades to suit every machine that we sell.

Advantages of a metal cutting saw

There are numerous benefits of using a metal cutting saw over any other tool for cutting materials. Its performance far outweighs other cutting tools and here are a few reasons why: 

  • Although perfect for cutting a variety of metals, many bandsaws can also be used for cutting different materials. Such as, timber, wood, and many more.
  • Bandsaws speed up the cutting process without compromising quality. 
  • Bandsaws are far more efficient at cutting straight edges and delivering a precise finish. This is because of their quality blades with varying features. 
  • Bandsaws produce less waste because of their narrower blades, which ultimately saves you money.  

Above are just a few advantages of the metal cutting saw. But, if you would like to discuss further how our bandsaws could help you or your business head to our website today. Alternatively, call +44 (0)24 7661 9267 to speak to a member of our helpful and friendly team. 

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